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29 June 2013, 4:12


Is it possible to customize what is shown on a mobile device. For instance I only want individuals who access Mahara using their mobile phone will only be asked for their username and password and then all they can do is to view or delete their scrap book or files they have uploaded and can also upload files?

Is this possible and if so how and where in mahara do I do this?



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30 June 2013, 14:12

Hello Devlon,

The device detection in Mahara decides what you can or cannot do in Mahara. Uploading files is quite easy on Android, but not so much on iOS (though there seem to have been made some advancements there). Initially, when starting device detection in Mahara 1.6, we had only allowed for people to view their portfolios but not update them. Now you can do that.

If you go to you will get an idea of where certain things are changed in Mahara and what to search for to find other device detection things.

Other places are the reviews of responsive design for Mahara 1.6, the reviews of responsive design during RC 1 of Mahara 1.6, Hopefully, the commit messages help you to find your way around the code a bit. And when you look at an individual review, you see the list of files that were touched for this particular piece of work. Clicking on the link "Side-by-side" next to a file, for example, takes you to the code and the changes are highlighed.

I hope that helps a bit.

Further to that, if you just want to look at uploading files, MaharaDroid for Android phones allows you to upload any file that you can share on an Android. PortfolioUp is for iOS and allows you to upload images and video. More info at




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