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18 June 2013, 8:41 AM

This is rather a large enquiry.

I work at a higher education college (in London) and we are looking at instigating an eportfolio system with a number of customisations. The programme I'm targeting has about 600 students on it.

At this stage, I am primarily assessing the feasibility of my requirement in Mahara. My question is, is the following requirement feasible? Whilst I do not hold the purse-strings and cannot directly offer work to the any person who answers my question, this is a system that we do want to launch this summer and are seeking an individual to implement it. A reasonable and cogent proposal would give me some influence with senior management. Another key question is how long would this take? It seems to me that it could be achieved in a matter of months. Is this reasonable?


I'd like the portfolio profiles to be pre-configured to students can simply log in and update content, such as personal statements, general resume information, past experience, any other appropriate portfolio information, links to projects, sites, blogs, and such like. They would not be allowed to configure their personal portal (menu items) beyond basic cosmetic changes. Passwords would be pre-set but changeable. I want this to be a log-in and update scenario from the students’ point of view. I would like the system to feed off the list of students, probably provided in Excel. This would be configurable at any time a college staff member i.e. a student could be added ad hoc at any time.

There is one section that would be only updateable by the college academic/admin staff. This is the area that details the students' attendance at certain collegiate activities that lie outside the credit-bearing curriculum e.g. Study skills classes, careers events, voluntary work and such like. This would administered by staff. Attendance would be taken at such events and this would be fed into the system and reflected in this particular section. Students will be able to augment their degree transcript with a transcript derived from these activities.

Attendance at said events would also accrue ‘employability credits’ or ‘citizen credits’ (we are still working on the name). It is important that we record these credits as they translate into charitable donations. In order to translate the collective ‘credits’ into money, I would need to have the functionality to extract a summary report, in various formats.

There are other elements but this is the core functionality of the system.


Best regards,


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21 June 2013, 11:26 AM

Hello John,

Thank you very much for your interest in Mahara and using it at your college. There are a number of things in your list that can already be achieved at the moment in Mahara out-of-the-box whereas other things would require development work.

  1. Content updating by students: We have a number of different content items available that can be used, but you can add more or rename existing ones if they are to serve a different purpose.
  2. Passwords can be changed.
  3. You can upload new users via a CSV file or hook up the environment to single sign-on, LDAP or a series of other authentication methods.
  4. There are areas that only the institution could update.
  5. Everything around attendance, the reporting, transcript generation etc. would be development work.




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26 July 2013, 6:18 PM

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