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problems installing mahara in ubuntu 12.04

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02 June 2013, 3:44

sorry if you do not understand, I live in Colombia and I'm using the google traslator.
I followed the instructions to install mahara and I have not been able to.

this is the file mahara.conf:


this is the file config.php:


to write in firefox localhost / mahara this is what it shows:


I have tried several things and I have not been able to make it work, I hope to help me.

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04 June 2013, 13:57

Hola Yamid,

No worries! Smile There is a Mahara support community in Spanish, although I don't know how active it is: . I studied Spanish years ago in college but I'm quite rusty, so hopefully Google can translate my response from English. Wink

It looks like you have problems in your Apache configuration. It looks like your "mahara.conf" file is not being loaded by Apache, and instead an existing configuration is setting the DocumentRoot to /var/www

The simplest fix, would be for you to do this:

1. mv /var/www/mahara /tmp/mahara

2. mv /tmp/mahara/htdocs /var/www/mahara

In other words, put the contents of "htdocs" at /var/www/mahara. (The other contents of the, outside of the "htdocs", aren't necessary to run Mahara.) Just remember to do the same when you upgrade.


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05 June 2013, 5:42

Hi Aaron,
I did everything you said, I put all the contents of / var / www / mahara / htdocs to / var / www / mahara.
mahara.conf modify the file as follows:


and this is what is displayed when I type localhost / mahara:


not leave the page mahara installation

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