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Mahara now supports details in slideshow mode (in a different way)

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03 April 2013, 2:03

Just a note of appreciation, not sure where to put it...some months ago (or more), I entered a plea that image galleries presenting as slideshows should support presentation of the detail field, to show commentary on each image. 

I don't see that yet, but in v1.5 onward, I started to notice that galleries displaying as thumbnails now present a slick looking slideshow that includes back/forward buttons and details when you click on an individual thumbnail. In order to make it work, you must simply add a detail to each image in the folder...could be as simple as image1, image2, etc., but it's worth doing more..

I suggest that this go into the documentation, since it's pretty cool.

Pedagogically, the student can then display descriptive/analytical/reflective ability as they comment on their photos, especially in a sequence which can be a simple story.

It would still be good to have details display in regular slideshow mode, but this is a great step forward!

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04 April 2013, 12:23

Hi Don,

I'll add something to the manual to point out that descriptions are displayed. We haven't changed anything on the image gallery for a while as far as I know.



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