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27 March 2013, 23:48


I wonder how other Schools introduce their students to Mahara, what kind of help they give them (f.e. samples) and if they actually work on the code what means that they have developers who care for adaptions needed.

I have to do with students of the age between 22-50. Computer business is not their main issue. They have to make a portfolio where they present their reflections. Most of them just upload their artefacts and place them on a page. We have the two books about Mahara at our library but the students are not allowed to take them home but must read them at the library. It is not wanted to give them samples so that they see what's possible.  

I really appreciate every reply because I have to know if it's a pedagogic issue I probably don't understand or if it's just a strategy of my School.

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01 April 2013, 18:21

Hello Kathrin,

It's too bad that your students aren't allowed to check out the books that you have in the library. The Mahara Cookbook has fantastic ideas of what to do in Mahara and also provides step-by-step instructions which would be necessary to have available when trying to re-create one of the ideas.

You could look at where I collect portfolio examples that I come across while browsing. Some may not be accessible anymore if the users revoked access.

If you want to find out how others are using Mahara, you can also take a look at (conference) presentations at



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