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Pedagogy / coding issues

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23 February 2013, 3:23

Tried posting this in another forum without much luck.

Any idea why I cannot embed in HTML block the coding from screencast.

It does use the <object> and <param name> tags.

When I add it in, it just strips virtually all of the coding out.

I have the full code list if anyone is interested



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03 March 2013, 11:15

Hello Gideon,

I can't seem to find a full embed code for my video on I only get a <a href> to use. In rare cases, and we have not yet been able to figure out why for all cases, <embed> or <object> code doesn't work. I think at least once there was something else between these tags, e.g. JavaScript, that made HTML Purifier reject the code.

If you posted the embed code or let me know how I can get it for a video, we would be able to see what is all included.



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