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'About me' block translation

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23 January 2013, 8:29

Hi, I am trying to translate the title of the 'About Me' block on the profile page but I can't find the string so new users have the translated text. The spanish translation doesn't include translation for that title, but the rest of the blocks are translated correctly. If someone knows, please let me know. Best reagards.

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03 March 2013, 20:07

Hello David,

The language string should be in htdocs/artefact/internal/blocktype/profileinfo/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.profileinfo.php

The Spanish language pack is not yet fully translated for certain versions of Mahara. If you add your translation for "About me" there, you won't have to make a customization for your site. Smile

You will need to make the translation for the version of Mahara that you have and it would be good to have it for "trunk", i.e. "master", as well.



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