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If a group admin leaves

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15 January 2013, 14:17


I have had a look at the 1.5 user manual, but it doesn't really answer my question.

My question is:

A user (User A) creates a group (is the admin for that group of around 30 people) and also makes another user (User B) an admin. if User A leaves, or their account is deleted, does that group still exist and can User B still be the admin to that group?

I ask this, as we have some staff who want to set up a casual, ongoing group, that can have several admin and still exist if the original creator leaves or if their account is deleted.

We are running 1.5.4.

Thanks in advance,

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20 January 2013, 20:23

Hello Teresa,

A group can have as many admins as you want it to have. Thus, if one leaves, there are other admins available who can take over administrative tasks. A site administrator can also alwasy appoint group administrators, cf.



Teresa Brady's profile picture
Posts: 33

21 January 2013, 12:38

That is brilliant! Thanks for your clarification, Kristina. 

I wasn't 100% certain if other Admins available would be able to take over administrative tasks if the original Admin left.


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