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automatic Add-user to Group - Institution or Site

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10 January 2013, 22:22


Is the automatic Add-user to Group feature associated to Institution or to Mahara installation?

That is, are the new users from the specific institution they are currently logged in to added automatcially to the group; OR are all the new users from all instiatutions automatically added to the group?

We are running Mahara 1.5.1

Cheers, Jonas

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11 January 2013, 13:28

Hello Jonas,

In general, groups are not institution-specific (read below for the exception). Therefore, auto-add means that anybody on the site will be added to a group.

Groups become institution-specific to a certain degree when you create them via the CSV file. If an institution admin creates a group via CSV, they can only add users from their own institution(s) as members via CSV (as far as I know). BUT they can still add / invite any users manually or any user can request membership / join. Even in the CSV-created groups, auto-add should mean any site member.



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