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08 January 2013, 19:13

The cloud plugin for integrating external cloud services into Mahara has been released. More info and download link at

Currently supported external services are:, BitBucket, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, SugarSync, SoundCloud, Windows Live SkyDrive and Zotero.


1. Download and unpack the contents of the zip file into your {htdocs]/artefact folder - you should get cloud subfolder inside yout {htdocs}/artefact folder.

2. IMPORTANT: Read and follow nstructions inside INSTALL file.

3. Go to Administration and install cloud plugin and all blocktypes.




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08 January 2013, 21:39

First of all thx for the plugin.
Unforunatly i get an error message with GoogleDrive
After clicking "manage" this appears:

DataTables warning (table id = 'fileList'): DataTables warning: JSON data from server could not be parsed. This is caused by a JSON formatting error.


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08 January 2013, 23:44

Will look into it...

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09 January 2013, 0:08

GoogleDrive issues a short lived access token. After it expires you need to get another access token. To get another access token, you need to have a valid refresh token, which you can obtain only for the first time, that you grant access from Mahara to GoogleDrive.

It seems that something went wrong in the process of granting Mahara access to GoogleDrive. Thus the refresh token didn't got saved and thus you can't get new access tokens... and as a consequence nothing works.


1. Log into your Mahara and go to "Cloud services" page

2. Revoke access to GoogleDrive

3. Log into GoogleDrive (or Gmail or whatever from Google)

4. Visit the link (or your Settings, Security and than something about linked services - click Edit button)

5. Revoke access to Mahara (or whatever name you've choosen when you created consumer key/consumer secret)

6. Go to Mahara, than to "Cloud services" again

7. Grant access to GoogleDrive


HTH, Gregor

PS: My google account and services are all in Slovenian so I'm guessing what the English text should be...

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10 January 2013, 5:37

Hi Gregor,

Trying out cloud on my test server. Installed artefact fine, then installed 3 of the plugins that I was interested in - SoundCloud, Zotero and Dropbox and setup api keys from those sites. Added the extra blocks.php code as mentioned in the install file.

When I try to Grant Access to the cloud services Zotero & Dropbox display a blank screen, and Soundcloud asks for permission to connect - then displays the grant access screen with the message

There was no access token
Access token saved sucessfully
It's possible it's a restriction of our internal firewall, but if you've got any other ideas on anything I might have missed when configuring, or troubleshooting tips it would be most helpful.
Regards, Gordon.
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10 January 2013, 9:46

Using Screenr I quicky made up two videos about setting up Cloud plugin and using it. As you will see setting SoundCloud caused problems, since it requires working URL server address and I tested/recorded it from localhost...

By the way: these screencast contain only video, no sound!

Part 1: Setting up Cloud plugin for Mahara -
Part 2: Using Cloud plugin for Mahara -

HTH, Gregor

24 November 2014, 4:02

Dear Gregor,

Thank you very much for your fantastic plugin. We host our own Mahara system and we like to increase the functionality as good as possible.

Could you please describe me how to create the necessary API at dropbox? They have changed their serivices and for that reason it is complitely different to your screencast. By the way I'm connected with Klaus Himpsl-Guttermann.

Kind regards,


24 November 2014, 7:33


A doc for Moodle may help you to get your Dropbox key :


26 November 2014, 23:15

That's the problem. Dropbox seems to have changed the API creation part. There is no "Core" section that is described at the screencasts and Moodle doc

I would like to insert the screenshot but this forum doesn't allow it 

Kind regards

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30 November 2014, 18:03

Hello Guenter,

Gregor is in the process of making updates to the plugin. See




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