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04 January 2013, 19:35

Hello Mahara Community,

2013 starts out not just with a brand new issue of the Newsletter, but also a brand new design for

A designer and developer at Catalyst IT have worked hard to update the site to the latest code and give it a fresh coat of paint. That means that at least one new features was developed (retractable blocks as you can see on the Partners page) and a few bugs fixed. In terms of design, has a responsive design theme making it easier to view on small mobile devices. is the community hub for the Mahara project and thus features primarily discussions in the "Mahara Community" group. If you are interested in using Mahara, you can test it at and download it to install on your institution's server allowing you to create permanent ePortfolios. The user manual explains all functionalities.

Happy New Mahara Year.


P.S. In case you were wondering what the time is that is displayed on forum posts: It's Mahara time Wink a.k.a. New Zealand (Daylight) Time.

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