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Overlapping text and line heights

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14 December 2012, 3:23


Before I raised a bug, I wanted to know if anyone else had encountered the same issue I have with the display of larger sized text overlapping across rows, as per below (where the text is set as size 7 from the text editor)

Overlapping text


Looking around Firebug, it looks like it's to do with the line-height set in the /theme/raw/static/style/style.css file under #container, #containerX, .sitemessage, #switchwrap and that if I increase the line height then the line height is increased accordingly (which then messes up the Collection tabs under the Primary School theme).

However, if I remove the line-height completely everything seems to be OK. My question is, if I remove the line-height from that css file, will I be likely to break the view elsewhere? Is there a specific reason it is in there?


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17 December 2012, 10:36

Hi Wullie,

Our designer said that normally a font height is defined to space out text more evenly. That is usually done using em which would increase the spacing proportionally. In the case of font size 7 there is most likely no corresponding style in the stylesheet. That's why it would overlap.



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