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Exporting from Moodle

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12 December 2012, 8:53

Every time a student exports something to Mahara from Moodle it creates a new journal. It creates journals called: Data imported from Leap2A export from Moodle. This means students might have dozens of journals instead of all their imported information into one journal. Is there a way to change it to work that way? Thanks for any help!

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12 December 2012, 20:37

Hello Laura,

I'm afraid that this is the current behavior of Mahara as far as I know for the Leap2A export. Alternatively, you could export your content as HTML. Then it would be placed into the files area on Mahara as HTML file which you can place into a page by using the HTML block.



12 December 2012, 20:58


As Kristina said, it is the actual Mahara behaviour. But you could suggest a better way to do this in using the "request feature" in the tracker (

Personally I clean my journals after Leap2A import and place the imported part into the right place in my portfolio. Therefore I don't keep all the journals created by Leap2A import.



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