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27 November 2012, 7:20

Hi /Guys


I'm wanting to download and use Mahara on my home machine(s) both Macs one running Lion and one running Mountain Lion athough I can upgrade from lion.  I've just ried to install and tget the box saying that I can only download from the app store or approaved mac developers 


Can you point me in the direction of what I need to do.  I guess the answer is somewhere on the site as I can't be the first to have the problem.  



Best Wishes


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27 November 2012, 8:52

Hello there. I don't have a Mac but I saw someone with a similar problem on the Moodle site and I think if you do a search you will get a way round this -it's just some new security settings. Try and

27 November 2012, 11:46

Hello Robert and Mary
You won't find the answer to this question because it is a MacOS and not a Mahara feature.

A quick look on google should have brought you to this page (

A quick look at the 'What's new on this new version of the OS' would have revealed this new security preference and shown how to deal with it.

If the preference is set to 'Anywhere' you are able to install everything including Mahara.

Happy downloadings
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02 December 2012, 20:51

Hello Rob,

If you want to run Mahara on your home machine, you'll need to run Mahara in a server environment because eseentially it is software that should run over the Internet. You could use XAMPP for example to get an Apache server etc.

Running Mahara on your computer limits the functionality quite a bit because you won't be able to share your portfolio with others, can't get feedback from them and use any of the group features. Is there a particular reason why you want to run Mahara from your computer and not use one of the providers who offer (free) Mahara hosting if you only want to keep your personal portfolio and not use it with others at your institution?



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04 December 2012, 5:38

Thanks everyone.  I've convinced my institution to put it on a server and let me use it.  


Thanks for your help





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