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Collections as templates

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23 November 2012, 14:36

To help our students get going with Mahara we have created some Collections that function as templates and set these to 'allow copying' in the advanced sharing options.

Now we have a problem in that when a student copies a Collection template, their version seems to inherit the 'allow copy' setting and thus it turns up in the window that shows up when anyone selects 'Copy a collection' in their portoflio. This means we get a very long list of possible Collections to copy, most of which are copies of copies and so are really just unwanted clutter.

What is the solution to this?

Can we get into the back of the 'Copy a collection' library and delete all those unwanted duplicates?

Can we remove the 'Allow copying' option in 'Advanced sharing' or in some way limit who can post copyable pages/collections.

Any other work-arounds to this?


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23 November 2012, 16:09

Hello Andrew,

I just tested your scenario on (create a collection as user, allow copying, copy the collection as another user) and do not see that the "allow copying" permission is set for the new collection of the user. That would have been an odd behavior as the user should make that decision himself.

No automatic access is given to anyone for a new collection unless you clicked on the "Retain access" check box. But even then, copying is not automatically allowed.

Can you please check for yourself on in case I didn't get your scenario right?The demo site runs on Mahara 1.6.

Only the users who are the owners of the new collections can take off the "Allow copying" tick from their collections and thus make them disappear from the potential collections for copying.



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