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11 November 2012, 13:05


I've played around with Mahara in the past, exploring its capabilities as a full-fledge ePortfolio solution.  Now I'm interested in using it for a particular implementation.

I would like to set up 6 of my (high school) classes with individual Mahara accounts.  The only thing I want/expect the students to do is upload photos and reflections to a journal in their Mahara account.

However, I don't want the kids to have to setup their accounts, define a new page, view, etc.  I am hoping there is a way that they can simply log in, and have everything setup and ready for them.  Is there a way to build a template so that all added users have a journal setup and a page that views the journal?


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11 November 2012, 16:56

Hello Doug,

You can build a template as institution page that you can then give every new member of this institution automatically. However, since institutions do not have journals, this functionality wouldn't work for you, I am afraid, because you would not be able to set up the journal in the page for your students.

You could build a template in a regular user account with a journal set up. The journal block would need to have its permissions set so that users would get their own copy of it when the page is copied (it's a setting in the journal block itself, not on the page permissions). You would then also have to ensure that the users all have multiple journals allowed in their account settings (you can update this option in the administration under "Add users by CSV" and then "General account options"). The users would still have to copy that page into their own portfolio though and of course set the sharing permissions.

That's the only option I can think of that does not require code changes / customization.



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