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Can I embed more than 20 RSS feeds?

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24 October 2012, 14:44

At Pace, we're using Mahara 1.5. I know it says that you can post 1-20 feeds at a time, is there a work-around or any way to post more than that 20max feeds?A professor was asking about this.


Thank you. Best,


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27 October 2012, 19:14

Hello Michelle,

Do you mean the maximum number of items you can display in one RSS block? If that is the case then that only pertains to the number of items in one feed. You can display as many RSS feeds on a page as you wish - each in their separate block.

If you wish to show more items per feed then that would have to be changed in the block - either as customization in your code or in general in Mahara (your developers can submit that change for inclusing in core Mahara).



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01 November 2012, 4:45


Yes, we wanted more than 20 items per feed. I will tell Sam about this and see if our developers/administrators can work on creating a higher limit. 


Thank you!!


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