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mnet to mnet migration

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23 October 2012, 21:17

we have a Moodle 1.9 instance running mnet to Mahara "A" - the users in Moodle are native to the Moodle DB and follow the naming convention flast (first initial, last name)

We now have a Moodle 2.3 instance running mnet to Mahara "B" - the users in Moodle are authenticated against LDAP and follow the naming convention first.last (first name, last name)

The Moodle migration of users, courses, data is completely finished.

Here's what I need to do now and can't figure out how...

  • use bulkexport.php to dump users from Mahara "A"
  • edit users.csv to match new user names (I can do this manually)
  • use bulkimport.php to import data into Mahara "B"

the issue I have is when I import the user into Mahara "B" where a user has already logged in (entry exists) the import creates a NEW user called first.last_

If I remove the SSO user entry and import the data the user first.last is created but then the user cannot SSO in they receive this error: "Unable to sign in via SSO."

I have tried using the unique usernames config but it doesn't work either.

it would be acceptable for users to export (currently available) their own data and import (not currently available?) their own data - it doesn't have to be bulk.
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27 October 2012, 19:21

Hi Daniel,

You do not need to export the user data and import it again because you can change the authentication method and the institution of the users. Since you are not just moving them to a new institution but also changed their remote username, i.e. their Moodle username, you'd have to do two things: Change the auth method and change the remote username. You can find instructions for that in the manual at

When you move someone from one institution to another, they will receive a notification with their internal Mahara credentials. Please advise your learners that they shouldn't worry about that. Alternatively, you could allow them to be in multiple institutions for that time of the transfer. That should avoid the email being generated.

If they have already logged in in the new institution, their account exists and you'll have to decide on a case-by-case basis what to do. If they haven't done anything yet in their new account, you could delete it and change their old account to the new institution and auth method. If they have already added new content, you'd have to do some manual merging of account data so they can continue to see their old portfolio.



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