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Widths of page layouts

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27 September 2012, 11:31

Can anyone tell me what the width sizes are for the different page layout settings? The only reason I ask is that often embedded videos and orginal pictures overlap the coloumn settings (why??) and it would be useful to know what the dimensions were so that we could tell students. This would make the layout and design of their evidence pages look much more professional eg Thanks as always...

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27 September 2012, 19:50


Embedded things often overlap the column settings because the embed codes often state the width in them. To fix it, we'd need to communicate the column width to the sanitising script, and that isn't straightforward. That whole process would need to also be done every time the block is moved, so it would no longer just be moving a chunk of HTML around the page as it is now, it would also be calculating a heap of things and adding load the browser would need to deal with. I attempted something like this once, but it wasn't successful. We'd certainly consider looking at it again if we could get funding for it.

The width of the column is going to depend entirely on the theme. For example the raw theme takes up the full monitor width, so the default 3 columns are 1/3 of the resolution the monitor is at. Other default themes set a maximum width on the page and the default 3 columns are 1/3 of whatever the theme sets. Therefore I can't say a size as it would almost certainly be wrong for many people.

To see how the blocks measure in your site's theme, use a "pixel ruler". A pixel ruler is just a big image with pixel counts marked along the edges. That way, you can see how wide the space is. as when the pixel goes out of the column, thats where the border is and the number indicated there is the width.


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02 October 2012, 22:34

Hello Gideon,

The width differs in the layouts depending on your screen size. So it's not possible to give you a definite answer. If you are using a theme with flexible width, the width of the columns adapts to the screen size.



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