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Uploading files to Amazon

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05 September 2012, 1:07 PM

I'm looking into installing Mahara for my University. We are planning on hosting the application and database locally, however, we don't want to host uploaded files such as photos, videos, pdfs, etc. locally as we anticipate a large usage down the road.

Is there a simple way (perhaps in a config file) to set it up so that when a user uploads a file to Mahara, it will instead transparently upload it to an Amazon S3 bucket and send back a reference to that file so it can be stored in the database?

More importantly, is there a way to go about this without modifying the core application code (and therefore making this difficult to upgrade in the future)?

Thanks in advance.


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06 September 2012, 4:49 AM

Hello Scott,

What about setting up your dataroot directory where all the site data is stored directly on Amazon? It doesn't have to sit on the same server as the application or DB.



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29 June 2017, 5:05 AM

How would you tell "$cfg->dataroot" where the data directory is, if you moved the directory to S3?

We're on 17.04.

This would be a GREAT improvement for us.

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29 June 2017, 3:56 PM

Hi Jack,

Did you try providing the full path to S3 rather than the relative one? A developer would know more.

We are looking into getting better external data storage support going in Mahara. A start has been made at if you want to give it a go. There are a few comments already on it, but the developer is not working on it at the moment. So it may be slow moving from the Mahara core team end right now. If you are interested in progressing this that would be fantastic.




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