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01 September 2012, 2:40 PM

Hello, I am very new to mahara and I'm a bit lost. I have created a group as an admin. I have uploaded a file (a questionnaire) and group members can see it but I want them to do the questionnaire. How? How do group members move uploaded files for group to their personal mahara?  Thank you!

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01 September 2012, 8:40 PM

Hello Alice,

Welcome to Mahara.

Since the students will have to fill in the file, they can download it from the group files area and then upload it again to their own personal files area and include it on one of their pages so you can see the completed file. It is not possible to open the file directly in Mahara, edit it and save it again. It has to be downloaded first.

Alternatively, if you want students to copy files into their own files area directly in Mahara, you will have to place the file into a page and make that page copyable ("Allow copying") when you give access to that page.



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