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31 August 2012, 2:56 PM

Our sys admin has made a series of collections available for copying.

As part of a demonstration to different staff groups I have copied a collection on a number of occasions.

I have deleted the pages after each demonstration. I now see that I have notes which are not attached to any page. I presume that these are notes which have been left behind when the pages have been deleted. Is this correct?

As a result of copying the collection a number of times I now have 13 pages of notes, displayed 10 notes per page. When I delete a note on page 13 I am taken back to page 1. This happens on every page from which I delete a note. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Finally, I am sure it is the case but just to be absolutely clear, is it correct that when a page is copied all notes therein are copied as 'new' notes thus de-linking them from the original?


Arthur Loughran

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01 September 2012, 8:50 PM

Hello Arthur,

Yes, the notes stay after you delete a page as they are artefacts that you can re-use at any time. That was the big change compared to previously when notes disappeared after deleting a page. Now they are just like any other re-usable artefact on Mahara.

I'm afraid that getting back to page 1 when deleting something on a different page is general behavior. I filed a bug for it:

As for your last question: notes are not "de-linked" until you say so for the text box. See also (you already figured that out yourself).



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02 September 2012, 12:52 PM

Hi, I have followed your suggested method and I can de-link a copied text box when I am copying onto a page.

However I have copied a template made available by our sys admin and during the copy process I have not found an option to de-link the text boxes. Nor can I find the option to de-link when I edit the copied text boxes.

I have repeated the process with one of my own pages with the same result. This is why I had come to the conclusion that copying a page (not just a text box) broke the link between original and copied. My concern is of course that my template will be changed by multiple students and theirs will be changed by each other. We are using v1.5.


Arthur Loughran

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