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Plugin thumbs for Mahara 1.5

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09 August 2012, 2:05 PM

Hi folks

Whist checking some plugins for functionality after upgrade to Mahara 1.5, I noticed that the design of  the thumb.png images (in the Page edit interface) had changed slightly compared to previous versions.

So, I have started on a new set of thumb.png images for 3rd-party plugins in Mahara 1.5. In most cases, I have simply taken these, with minimal modification, from the original versions. It is not a complete set, though I have included a thumb-blank.png for folks to start their own designs.

I have added these to a Wiki page. Feel free to add more thumbs Wink

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14 August 2012, 4:36 AM

Hello Geoff,

They look great. Thanks for them. Thanks also for linking to them from the plugins page.



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