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External Content Integration

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03 April 2009, 2:27 AM

I would like to invite you to fund the following feature together in order to get this point done quickly:


The MAHARA admin should be able to name and activate/deactivate additional main menu buttons (separately for each language, if there is content in this language available). Below the menu each external content (external websites e.g. online-shops or Typo3-CMS) should appear. Pretty the same thing as the existing solution on with the integration of

Collaboration Bid:

I can imagine, that this coding will take only a view hours for CATALYST IT Ltd. and with a collective funding affordable for a group of individuals. If you like to discuss this feature please feel free to contact me.

Hard Coded Option:

By the way: If you are a software engineer and you are interested to implement this feature hard coded for my application singular on your own, please get in contact with me to see if you can make me a special quotation. Please consider that this codes have to be draged along all future releases of the core MAHARA code (follow-up-orders possible!).

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