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02 April 2009, 19:58

Roadmap Item:

Status: Still gathering feedback. There has been no funding offered to implement this item so far.

If there's anything that strikes you as important on the wiki page, or there is something you think is missing, please feel free to mention that here.

And if you can contribute funding towards doing some or all of this work, please let us know!

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31 August 2009, 19:28

Nigel, I would be happy to circulate this around some school groups (those with Mahara experience and experts in other eportfolio software) if this would be helpful to you?



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31 August 2009, 20:44

Hi - Absolutely! The more feedback we can get, the better Smile
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13 January 2010, 18:41

Wow this sounds good from what is written here. We are a secondary school who has moodle and now mahara. Its going down really well - we have linked via LDAP as the moodle intergration wasnt passing over the key - think this was the same issue that many were having on the site,  so thought I would go the other way around it.

It would be nice to see some more fun / funky themes (something i would be willing to do - not sure how themes are coded in mahara though). It would be good to have some filters on language used on the site and a simple way to flag up users who may be making posts using these key words.

Also facebook style "status" would be a nice feature - however our students seem to be loving it at the moment and it fits very well alongside our drive to go the OS route for the VLE, unlike nearly all of our fellow schools who are going down some commerical package route ... which actually isnt working too well! :)

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08 June 2011, 7:28

Chiming in rather late here, but needs evolve in IT :-)

After using heavily Microsoft servers with shared folders for students and teachers, we are trying to evolve to an OS and location independent file storage solution. Among a lot of other things, Mahara stores files, is accessible from anywhere and has even user quota. Students can share files, publish them,  create views ...

For us Mahara is a good sollution in this use case: it is there allready, manageble, expandable, ...

There is only one problem with using Mahara as personal file repository like dropbox/google docs: it is quite cumbersome to get a file in there.

Authentication for our students to Mahara comes via Moodle network. So saving a file in Mahara is logging in to Moodle, following the link to Mahara, my portfolio, my files browse, select, upload.

I wonder wether it is possible to cut some corners there.

I don't know if this is a common school use case of the system. Are there other schools using Mahara this way?

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08 June 2011, 18:32

Hi Koen,

We are working towards adding some webservices API to Mahara (probably for 1.5).

In the meantime though, you might want to have a look at the code that was added to handle uploads from the Android application.



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