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21 August 2009, 9:37

(sorry - can u release my view? - submitted it as a demo to a colleague and I want to update it)


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22 August 2009, 1:37

Done Wink
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08 January 2014, 19:58

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of CampusID, a identity management system built on top of Mahara. It addresses the needs of data management and communication of students, faculty, staff and industry.
CampusID is a fully featured role-based student identity management system with social networking features to store and collect student information, and with an extensive reporting engine.
    - It provides a online platform for the students as well as the professors to share information, form groups, initiate activities, discuss and learn.
    - It also acts as a single source of information to Alumni and to companies coming for recruitment.
    - It allows institute to take its notice-board online and make it interactive by allowing students to post questions as well as comments on notices
    - The news tab in the software displays the RSS feed from a website dedicated to the campus news.
    - Its Elearning tab can be used to deliver different online modules to students in a more engaging manner.

Please find below details for the demo website of the software. Do let me know your thoughts on the software.

Credentials for student login
Username: student1
Password: abcd1234
Credentials for teacher login
Username: teacher1
Password: abcd1234
Credentials for staff login
Username: staff1
Password: abcd1234
To view demo of the admin console, please call me on +91-9881277314 or you can send me an email on [email protected]
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09 August 2014, 18:09

realy it s ok?

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