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11 June 2012, 12:41

We are looking at various iPortfolio products and we would like for whatever we choose to integrate with Jenzebar, Blackboard or Moodle. If anyone knows if interfaces exist please share. Thank you, KjenkinJC

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11 June 2012, 14:38

Hello Keith,

Mahara integrates with Moodle out of the box for single sign-on and also for moving portfolio content from Moodle (version 2) to Mahara. There is also the assignment submission plugin available which allows you to submit portfolio pages created in Mahara to Moodle for assessment.

You can read more about the integration on the wiki and set up your Mahoodle within minutes following the Mahoodle guide (I prefer the mahoodle-updated one).

The plugins page lists a Blackboard - Mahara integration plugin that sends Blackboard usernames.

A more comprehensive solution would be to use the web services plugin and extend it to work with Blackboard or Jenzebar.



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