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GREAT JOB Mahara!!!!

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09 May 2012, 14:59

I really love the new Primary Theme for Mahara 1.5.1.  I just updated and thought I'd try it out.  Really impressed.  I know the theme is probably low on the list of major updates and milestones for the Mahara project,  but it is really the small things that make a big difference.

Great job guys and gals!


Thank you,


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09 May 2012, 15:42

Hello Chris,

Thank you very much for the praise. I relayed it to our designer at Catalyst IT. We were able to put this theme into core Mahara due to funding from the NZ Ministry of Education who had commissioned it for MyPortfolio.

We had shown MyPortfolio users the draft of the dashboard image and primary school classes gave us feedback on it which was incorporated into the final version making it a classroom that young students in New Zealand - and hopefully also elsewhere in the world - can identify with.

The dashboard image is also a nice example showing that you do not have to go with the standard information on the dashboard but that you can adapt it to your own liking. The information sits in a template file and can be changed either for all themes or just for one theme.



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11 July 2012, 5:54

Whilst the theme is Primary - we are using it for our secondary students. I love the visual element of it and as a way of engaging students it is first class.

Well done to all concerned.

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29 July 2013, 2:07

I really, really like this theme. The dashboard image reminds me of a PC game menu system.

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30 July 2013, 0:45

Hello Frankie,

LOL. Our designer will love hearing that feedback. Did you change the template that includes the dashboard area in your Mahara instance? This can be done without changing other aspects of the theme. I like it because you can easily customize this area and highlight aspects that you would like your users to focus on.




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