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Mahara/Moodle integration /
Mahoodle SSO both directions

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25 April 2012, 23:37


I am kind of new to the integration of Mahara and Moodle but it's really a great thing to combine both systems.

I just set up a working integration (Mahara version 1.4.2testing (2011061005) and Moodle 2.2).

So far I can login in Moodle, roam to Mahara and get back to Moodle, transfer submitted files to my dossier in Mahara and also export forum posts from Moodle to Mahara. Great thing.

Well, I got two questionsis:

- Is there any possibility to login on Moodle and roam to Mahara AND to login on Mahara and roam to Moodle using exactly the same account?

- Is it possible to have Mahara as the "master" system where users login and roam to Moodle and also have the possibility to transfer files/forum posts from Moodle to Maharas Dossier?

Lookin forward to read your answers.

Thank you.


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26 April 2012, 0:41

Bjoern, have you seen this recent thread on the same topic?


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26 April 2012, 6:27

Hi Paul, yeah didn't recognize that. Maybe because I searched the forum few days ago but posted just this morning...

Thanks a lot.

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