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Roaming from Mahara to Moodle 2

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23 April 2012, 14:59

I know I have seen the answer to this somewhere but I cannot seem to find it again.

Our students roam from Moodle 2 to Mahara and it logs them in and lets them work, and then they can wander back into Moodle.  What I would like is for them to be able to log in directly on Mahara and be able to roam to Moodle.  I don't want Mahara to create a new account in Moodle, I want it to be able to hook up with the proper account.

Could someone help me out please?

23 April 2012, 16:08

Dear Dixie,

In fact you have to choose. Either your users SSO from Moodle to Mahara and their account is created when they land for the first time on Mahara; or they SSO from Mahara and their account is created when they land for the first time on Moodle.

If you want your user to be able to authenticate from either Moodle or Mahara it is possible with a LDAP server with Mahara and Moodle pointing to it. With a LDAP, they will still have to log in on each platform but with one account. To go further you have to install the CAS authenticate plugin. This create a token at the first login and you don't have to login again in every other application that use the CAS token.

CAS works with a LDAP server.

But with this system you will lose the ability to send artefact from Moodle 2 to Mahara or to use a page from Mahara as assessment.


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24 April 2012, 8:51

Well, that actually tells me why I removed the LDAP authentication.  Cool  I set this up last summer and I couldn't remember why I removed it, only that I did.

Currently, if they log in to Moodle and go to Mahara, it creates the account in Mahara the first time they go there.  When I had LDAP set up for Mahara, if they logged in there and went to Moodle, it created a new account in Moodle - which was not the prefered method.

I'm gathering from your note that the way I have it set now (Moodle to Mahara), is the perfered method and will allow for the assessment.  Is that correct?

24 April 2012, 9:59

Yes, you are right,

Having an SSO from Moodle to Mahara is certainly the best and unconfusing way to let students send page to a Moodle assessment (you have to install the assessment plugin

But maybe other users here have other experiences to share?


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22 October 2012, 21:51

I think overall its best to use the SSO method when looking at some of the push and pull features being brought in (although at the moment the export to portfoliofeature is quite messy when going from Moodle to Mahara).

There are a couple of things to watch out for with the SSO:

  • If people visit the Mahara homepage directly, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove the login block.  Google analytics shows our students are trying to use it directly.
  • When a session times out, it asks you to log back in directly to Mahara which confuses a lot of our students.

I echo the thoughts that it would be great if students and staff could login directly to Mahara and via Moodle under the same account!

06 April 2017, 18:14

It is an old post, but maybe someone whats to prevent users to login directly into mahara.

Here I found some information that maybe helps:





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20 September 2012, 13:49

Can anybody help me on this issue?




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24 April 2012, 4:20

Dixie, I am pleased to hgear that you use both Mahara and Moodle and want to have the flexibility of logging in to either one first and then the other. Although in a different context (NZ school sector) we wanted such flexibility so embarked on a project documented at All of it was open (standards and source) so feel free to use/borrow if it helpos.


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24 April 2012, 8:59

I will definately look into this; thank you.

We've had our Mahara/Moodle setup for about a year now but our students have recently discovered the advantage of setting up their groups in Mahara and are just tickled pink to be able to manage their group pages themselves. At one time, club/group pages had to be set up on the web and they had no real control over what to do with them so they kind of lost interest in maintaining club/group information.  The college created a new program for Occupational Therapy and one of the requirements for the program was that they have a group site to be able to exchange/post information.  They called me and I asked them to try it and they just took off with the idea.  Since then, other campus groups/clubs are looking into the idea also.

I just thought it would be more convenient/easier for the students if they could log into Mahara and wander over to Moodle the same way they log into Moodle then wander over to Mahara.  I definately appreciate knowing about your project and I will definately look it over.  

Be prepared for questions!!  Cool


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24 April 2012, 22:38

Hello Dixie,

If you set up your LDAP as parent authority to MNet (cf. the user manual on MNet setup), your students should be able to log in straight into Mahara without having a second account created. Though they will not be able to roam to Moodle as dajan already explained.

We use this parent authority on to allow users to log in with their SSO account but still be able to log in via Moodle to transfer portfolio content.



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