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XMLRPC SSO into correct Institution

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20 April 2012, 11:49

I've got the SSO connectivity from Moodle to Mahara working, but when my users (who could be a member of any of 30+ institutions in Moodle) login to Mahara using MNet,, they all fall into a single institution in Mahara.  The user attribute of 'Institution' is not being passed or assigned correctly from Moodle to Mahara. I've got identical lists of Institutions on both sides, and I've got all Institutions in Mahara set to 'They SSO in', plus 'Auto-create Users'.  All instutitions also use XMLRPC with no parent authority.

In Moodle, I have the 'Institution' field included in the list of attributes to be passed, but I do not see a field for 'Institution' in the list of attributes available ("Locked Fields") within the settings for each Institution within Mahara.

What do I need to do to make Mahara recognize and correctly assign my users' Institutions when it auto-creates a user via XMLRPC authentication?


20 April 2012, 17:19

Hi Leslie,

When you say "who could be a member of any of 30+ institutions in Moodle", do you mean member of 30+ courses?

By the way, one Moodle can SSO users to only one institution in Mahara. There is no (simple) way to put users from one Moodle and dispatch them in different institutions regarding, for example, the course from which they SSO or the role they have.

To do this, you may consider other ways of authenticate users, with an LDAP for instance.



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21 April 2012, 21:06

Hello dajan,

The LDAP authentication wouldn't help though if you want to transfer content from Moodle to Mahara.



22 April 2012, 2:19

Hi Kristina,

I agree and know that, but my experience shows that most of the time the exchange of information between moodle and mahara is not used. And Leslie ddidn't say she wanted to exchange info between them two.

Maybe when institutions will upgrade to moodle 2, this will change this fact I have observed.

But most of the schools and universities, I have visited, want to avoid users to re-login wheb changing from Moodle to Mahara and vice versa.

The partial solution of using LDAP might help in this case.



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21 April 2012, 21:05

Hello Leslie,

Please also refer to



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