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Developer Meeting - 27th March 2012, 7:30 UTC

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19 March 2012, 9:14 PM

The next Developer Meeting is next week on 27th March 2012, 7:30 UTC, in the usual place (the #mahara-dev IRC channel on

If you would like to add any items to the agenda, please edit the wiki page at


Currently on the agenda:

  • Triggers in Mahara (Richard)
  • Upstream status of Dwoo (Francois)

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27 March 2012, 4:38 AM


If you missed the 15th Mahara Developer Meeting today, you can view the minutes and the IRC log in the Developer meeting section on the wiki.

The 16th Mahara Developer Meeting will take place on April 24, 2012, at 20:00 UTC. You can propose items for the agenda. Please check here for the time in your own time zone. Andrew Nicols will be chairing the meeting.



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