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SCORM & back end data in Mahara

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08 February 2012, 6:05 PM

I have two queries:

  • is it possible to upload SCORM packaged learning objects into Mahara/Mahara pages?
  • where is the 'back end' data of user activity in Mahara (I am a Site Administrator)?

Much appreciated, Allison

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08 February 2012, 7:50 PM

Hi Allison,

You can upload SCORM objects and make them available for download, but you cannot display them as you can in Moodle for example.

Would students / learners create SCORM objects to use in their portfolios? Or do you want to make teacher-led learning content available?

You can see certain user activity as site admin in the statistics (from 1.3 on). There are no activities such as when a user modified a page, content item etc. You can add ideas of what you think would be relevant at



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09 February 2012, 2:55 AM

Thanks Kristina. I found the Stats. This will be very useful.

In terms of the SCORM objects, it was to determine whether SCORM resources could be loaded to Mahara and then added to a page which could be copied by students to keep a copy in their own eportfolio. This would be instead of students having to export them from Moodle to Mahara.

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09 February 2012, 3:59 AM

Hello Allison,

Thank you for the explanation. This can be done already now. However, students would only be able to see a link to the file which would sit in their portfolio and would have to download it to view on their computer.

If you think that Mahara should be able to dispay SCORM objects, you could file a wishlist item at



09 February 2012, 7:02 AM

Dear Allison,

I don't see the point that Mahara should support SCORM. Scorm is a "tricky" (complicate) structure of files that include:

  • resources
  • learning activities
  • scores
  • duration
  • and above all a course structure

So Scorm are interesting to exchange learning objects from one VLE to another. But I don't see why and how it would be useful to store this as an learning artefact in an ePortfolio? I am intrigued. I can see the point if the portfolio show skills in creation lessons and structured learning path, such as it is required during teacher training courses. About the latest it is possible to upload the zip file and provide it as a download material from the user's portfolio page.

What do you imagine in displaying/using Scorm files in Mahara? In which contexts? I am really looking forward to reading from you with interest about this.



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13 February 2012, 7:30 PM

 Hi Dominique

This query was on behalf of a colleague so unfortunately I don't have specifics about what would be in the SCORM object.  Basically just a 'general query' about whether is was possible so learners can keep the learning objects (as a resource) they are accessing during their course after the course via their own eportfolio.


14 February 2012, 4:06 AM

No problem Allison,

So, if you just want to store your SCORM packages, yes you can with Mahara.

With you the best with Mahara


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28 May 2012, 3:39 AM

don't stup the item. really it should be very usefull to use SCORM object in mahara . ( my opinion) First is the possibility to create an editing in a standard way and create an artefact that may be exchanged between everybody in the world . second item is the possibility to have a REAL search engine based on scorm standard and not only a Tag search engine. last item is the possibility to have and ARTEFACT standard  of Teacher classroom explaination , really usable by students also in stand alone at home without the server access that sometime is not available.  Those may be reasons without adding standard issues as those you explained as propaedeutic of courses and books .

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