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Real-time Group Page Collaboration

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16 January 2012, 16:54

Has this been tossed around as a concept?

I figure it would take some magic to implement in Mahara, but something akin to Google Docs where collaborative changes are loaded in real-time? Is it possible?

I've had several trainees ask me about it, but was wondering if the thought had been brought up with anyone before?


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20 January 2012, 22:58

Hi Thomas,

I am not aware of a discussion on such a feature. I think one major thing that would be necessary is to implement a history for the edits which we do not have.

Etherpad is a possibility to use for such collaborations if you don't want to go with Google Docs.



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24 January 2012, 7:23

You bring up an interesting point and I've been looking for such a tool myself. The concept and the need for such a tool have been highlghted time and again.

However, if you study the market you'll see that options abound when it comes to solving this very problem. For instance, there are tools such as Needlebase or CollateBox ( ) that might be useful for your need.

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