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Adding a feedback sheets into a students page

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08 November 2011, 10:32


Firstly, I wasn't sure if this is in the right place or not (poss Pedagogy forum?), so apologies if it's in the wrong place.

I am hoping that someone will be able to help me to setup a way to do the following (or the best suggestion).

I have a lecturer who will be assessing students work and wants to complete a feedback sheet that she then wants to be added onto the students page.

In my mind, the best way would be the students to be able to pass the page to the lecturer (I know they could submit to group and the lecturer could add feedback at the bottom, but I think that the feedback sheet would be too big and look wrong there, the lecturer can then add in a text box with the feedback onto the students page for the student to keep in their portfolio.

As far as I can gether, this is not possible and on top of my 'adding feedback' possibility, I think it could work by completing the feedback as a Word Doc, the student uploading and then adding the link to the file onto the page, but think it would be better if the content was visible.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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08 November 2011, 13:19

Hello Wullie,

As instructor, I'd add the feedback document (text doc or PDF) as file attachment to the feedback field. That way it is in the feedback section and it is also placed in the student's files. This should be at least possible with Mahara 1.4. I am not sure about 1.3 as I don't have an instance of it.



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08 November 2011, 14:42

It is possible in 1.4  and also in 1.3. I also demonstrated posting part of a rubric table - I had a colleague copy and paste a section of a marking rubric in feedback. Sadly, I could not get teachers to do this but hope they will find it easier to adopt when we integrate with Moodle 2Smile 

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