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Dear Mahara

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05 October 2011, 16:26

Dear Mahara

Could you fix it for me to have the following features in Mahara for me and my staff

  • Ability to add spanned columns in the page/view
  • Text boxes whose background I could change
  • <i frames> for embedding Google Forms
  • Text boxes that have write/delete protection or failing that Template Page that I can modify
  • Ability to add in images from My Files in text boxes
  • Responsive Pages that move down when you drag a block on to a page

Thanks very much :o)

Gideon and his Transform Learning Team
Perins School

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05 October 2011, 19:08

Hello Gideon and Transform Learning Team,

Thank you for your feature suggestions. Some of them were already discussed elsewhere in the forums, e.g. adding images from my files, spanned coumns.

You are welcome to submit them to our bug and feature request tracker at where it is easier to keep track of them.

Template page: You can create template pages either on the institution, user or group level. These are basically pages that other people can then copy into their own portfolios.

There are no locks on text boxes that are within a learner's portfolio because Mahara is a user-centred portfolio in which the learner should have as much control over his learning artifacts as possible. That's why it is also up to him who shall have access to which page. There are some "controlled" features to allow for assessment-type work.



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06 October 2011, 1:44

Thanks - will do

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