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Mahara in Secondary Schools

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05 October 2011, 16:06

I know there is a fantastic Google Docs spreadsheet set up by Simon Grant to list Mahara institutions but they are all post 16/18 Colleges and Universities.

We are a 11-16yr secondary  school in Hampshire, UK who are very keen to set up links and share ideas for use of Mahara with other schools anywhere in the world.

Also very keen to set up a Google form similar to Simon's to log schools interested to share.

Get in touch via or by twitter @gideonwilliams


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05 October 2011, 19:01


Are you looking at the correct spreadsheet? The most recent one definitely includes schools. I updated it with over 810 schools just a short while ago (well, not all in there separate line, but in condensed form as Wink



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06 October 2011, 1:40

Clearly not! although the one I received as a link via twitter was only sent 3 weeks ago.

This is ace thanks! can I send you our school details?

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06 October 2011, 1:42

To make contact with individual schools in NZ do you suggest I try the Ministry of Education direct?

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06 October 2011, 2:39

I am happy to put you in touch, or give you a log in to MyPortfolio so you can contact them in our Mahara or post to and ask them to contact you.


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