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Fixed Bug #530656

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03 October 2011, 17:26

I fixed Bug #530656, but I do not know how to submit the code to the codebase or mark the bug as fixed.  I just attached the file to the bug and added a comment on the exact changes I made.

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03 October 2011, 19:16

Hello Melissa,

Thank you for tackling that bug. We use git for keeping track of code and making changes. In order to know what's going to be put into core Mahara, there is a code review system in place. tells you how to set everthing up to work with that. has a lot of information for developers that you may find useful to look at.

Using git for submitting code changes would be best because then the reviewers have easy access to your changes and once approved, they can be pushed to core and a notice will automatically be put onto the tracker.

You cannot make status changes on Launchpad. That is reserved to a number of people.



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04 October 2011, 4:22

Thanks for that Melissa. I have prepared a patch for it and sent it to the code review system.

All we need now is for that patch to be tested on Internet Explorer.



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