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18 September 2011, 10:58

Is there a way for Mahara to delete swear words from student's posts.

I really like Mahara and so does my line manager, but abuse by students will cause me a problem if I am unable to deal with it.


Steve Longley 

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19 September 2011, 15:30

Hello Steve,

That capability of filtering words is not built-in. It may be possible to do so but there is also a cost involved. You may be interested in this discussion:

In New Zealand, we have a large Mahara installation, with over 40,000 registered users (over 800 schools). Kids sometimes do use swear words or other offensive language. Through the possibility to report objectionable content, administrators can be alerted to these offenses and take action. Sometimes also teachers talk to the kids directly if they come across profile pages or specific content on them that are not appropriate. Discussions around digital literacies and behavior online becomes more important in this context. Administrators can then delete wall posts, feedback left on pages or also forum posts.



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