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Journal breaking Page

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15 September 2011, 4:33

A previously working blog now breaks a Page (formerly view) that it is published in. It loads fine on the Content > Journal section (there is only one journal on the account). But go to the Page it's added to, and it just hangs the page and doesn't render any of it. I tried adding the same blog to a new page and it doesn't want to play ball. Any ideas?


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15 September 2011, 14:28

Hello Dave,

I think in order to figure your problem out, we'd need to know a bit more what's in your blog post. Is it a simple text one or does it include images, video, embed code or even Word HTML code? I suspect that some code snippet causes the problem.

And, do you experience the same with other blog posts? If so, could you please create a very simple blog post (just plain text) and check if you have that problem as well? You could also paste the entire HTML code (in the editor window there is an "HTML" button on the right side in the first menu bar) to a blog on and see if it is displayed in a page.



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