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Need Event Calendar

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17 August 2011, 21:24

Hello, Thanks to all the development team to produce a simple application like this. I'm new to this Mahara and currently i'm trying to use this Mahara for my school. My problem is, i wan't to intergrate this Mahara with an open source event calendar "wd calendar" ( Can you help me to intergrate this calendar to the system so that every user can set their own calendar, while the other user only can view other's user calendar. Is it posible to do that. Please help me...TQ in advance.

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10 September 2011, 22:14


The web site says that it is a "Google Calendar clone". Thus, have you thought of using Google Calendar? Mahara 1.4 has the GoogleApps plugin included with which you can display a calendar or more easily in your pages.

Otherwise, you'll have to write a plugin. There is a tutorial that can provide you with needed information at



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