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Exporting an eportfolo to PDF of Webpage

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20 July 2011, 13:03

Hi all,

I have been trying to export a collection to PDF or HTML with little success as it converts it into an unreadable format....just wondering if anyone had any problems with this also?


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21 July 2011, 0:43

Hello Cherie,

How did you export the collection to PDF? Did you save each individual page? There is no option to export Mahara pages to PDF yet so that they look pretty all the time. The specifications already exist for PDF support, but it hasn't been tackled yet.

For the HTML export, did you use the built-in HTML export function under Portfolio -> Export? There you need to make sure that you export as HTML web site and not as Leap2A. You can then either export your entire portfolio or selected content.

If you encounter further trouble with that, you could send me a full Leap2A export zip file so that I can test it with your content.



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18 April 2012, 4:50

Hello Kristina,

I´ve just startet working with Mahara and I have a similar problem like Cheers a long time ago.

I exported a view into HTML website, unzipped the package and opened the index-file with firefox 11.0.

A problem occured: the layout changed and also the colours did. Green font turned into lilac and also the blue tone changed. Furthermore the exported site looks more "untidy" than before.

Do you know the reason for it? It´s a bug or a option of my browser.

I´m looking forward to your answer.


Best regards,

Katharina Heyligers

18 April 2012, 7:48

Hello Katarina,

It is not a... "bug". It is that Mahara is not exporting the theme when you export in HTML, in fact it uses a theme specific for the export in HTML.

But I agree with you that the result is sometimes not very professionnal. I will support you if you report a feature enhancement in the bug tracker (

I don't often use HTML export but the few times I did I have to say that the result was not as good as I expected.



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18 April 2012, 9:05

Hi Dajan / Katarina

I think i may have already raised this as a feature request.

Please add your support to the above.




18 April 2012, 11:32

I Kevin I was not sure and a bit in a rush when I answered before. But thank you to remind us the request exists (I already as added my support by the way. Short memory it is mine)
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19 April 2012, 1:55

Hey Kevin, hey Dejan,

thank you very much for your reaction and the information! So it´s "in progress".

Best regards - Katharina

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19 April 2012, 5:00

Hi all,

In regards to printing pages and collections as PDF I had been working on a feature but have been unable to find the time for it since Sept 2011! (Oops) The previous details and disucssion are here Extra ideas and suggestions welcome.


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