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Mahara ePortfolio Assignment and M2

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02 June 2011, 8:44

Hi there, does anyone know if the ePortfolio assignment works in Moodle 2, or if there will be a update for M2?

This is what I am referring to:  

We're using Moodle 2 and Mahara 1.3 and this would be a fantastic activity to have.
Thanks, Mark.
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03 June 2011, 22:59

Hello Mark,

There was at least one forum with that question, but I can't find the other one right now.

That module for Moodle only exists for 1.9 and as far as I know, nobody has yet upgrated it to Moodle 2. As Moodle 2 changed a lot of its code architecture, the upgrade is most likely not a trivial thing.



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