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Editing issues using IE9

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02 March 2011, 5:43

I have been experiencing issues with editing blog posts & with content not being retained on saving in blog posts, view titles & view descriptions today. I am using IE9 und a Windows 7 operating system & eventually began to wonder if the IE9 was the issue after having experienced similar issues under IE6 in earlier versions of Mahara. So my test was to try it all out on my iPad which I must say is beautiful to work in Mahara on. It was a little different to select a radio button & then click add new block here to add blocks to a view rather than clicking the block & dragging it in - but works really well. Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue & if not to identify that it may be an emerging one. I was working in an Institutional setup on FolioSpaces and have never experienced this before. I have contacted Ian & Steve and they have not had any users with similar issues so thought I'd mention it here.

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12 April 2011, 17:04

Hello Nayomie,

Sorry for the late reply. I didn't see your post until just now. We had another report from a user that Mahara wasn't working very well in IE9. He could also not edit a blog post. I tested it and can't edit a blog post or create a forum post either.

I could however enter a view title and description and have that saved.

A bug report now exists at



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26 May 2011, 1:31

Hi Kristina,

I've just spent time with someone using Mahara on Windows 7 and IE9 who lost the ability to edit a view properly. It became impossible to drag content into the third column. Deleting the column, saving the view, then adding the column back didn't help. All the content was 'standard' - profile info, files to download. Even when dragging into the first two columns, the usual dashed-line box didn't appear. When I went in edit the view on my trusty Firefox browser the problem disappeared.

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27 May 2011, 17:39

Hello Steve,

Which version of Mahara are you using? Can you reproduce this behavior on ?



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31 October 2011, 4:42


Our users have encountered something similar with 1.40 Mahara on LAMP which I now think is probably IE9 related (took time to figure that out as our systems weren't upgraded across the board at same time - I'm still on IE8 and editing works) - when group users edit a page textbox the contents are wiped leaving an empty textbox. I'd also filed a bug report on that

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08 November 2011, 5:44

Just to update - switching IE9 to compatibility mode seems to resolve several of the issues, but that's a workaround rather than a fix.

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