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I hope that everybody at Mahara's headquarters are fine

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22 February 2011, 4:52

Dear Mahara community,

I haven't logged very much in the last months as I am working full time and studying a part time master at the University of Edinburgh, near where I live. Yet I am one of the first members of the Mahara community and one of the founders and translators of the Comunidad Mahara en Espanol and I have always considered Mahara a software very closed to me.

I heard this morning in the news about the Earthquak in New Zealand and I am worried about the core team of developers, including Nigel, as I know that you are based in the main island (I don't know how far from Christchurch).

Please, let us know if you are fine and how we could help from abroad.

Con cariño

Mari Cruz (nickname: Aaricia)

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22 February 2011, 7:46

Hi Mari,

Just so you don't spend hours worrying while waiting for NZ to wake up.  The core team in are okay and based in the North Island; not directly affected by the earthquake which is in the centre of the South Island.  One developer in the Christchurch region has checked in as being safe thus far.

Thank you for your kind thoughts,


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01 March 2011, 17:03

Hello Mari,

Thank you very much for your kind words. As Stacey wrote (NZ expat in the UK), everybody is fine as the core developers are based in Wellington. We did have a brief 4.5 quake in Wellington yesterday, but as far as I know nothing was damaged as it lasted only a couple seconds.


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