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showing a web page as an artefact?

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13 February 2011, 9:02


I'm wondering what is the best way to show a website I built as an artefact in Mahara? Is the fact that both Mahara and the artefact are web entities allow for an interesting way to show off the web artefact?


13 February 2011, 10:46

Hello Doug,

It depends of the complexity of your web page. Doesn't it refer to other files such as CSS, framesets, XML, etc ?

  • If it is a self content web page you could copy paste its code in "HTML Code" container. But all src, or rel that call external files, need an Internet connexion to find the information render the page correctly.
  • If you really want your web page to be frozen and be displayed without the help or any web access, you may take a picture of it using tool that copy the whole page and not only the displayed part of it. You can use for example PageSaver from your Firefox browser ( of find other free or commercial apps.

    Then you can add your png or pdf file as an image into your view

Hope I have answer your question or given ideas to address it.



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13 February 2011, 13:04

I see, thanks. Probably the best bet is to use a screenshot with a link to the website.



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13 February 2011, 15:19

Hi Doug,

I tend to agree that the best way is to include a screen shot as a link to the site. If you put it in a text box, you can then also provide a good description and support information. I have also seen students create a Youtube 'Tour' of their website complete with links which is a good party trick.

Regards, Ian

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13 February 2011, 21:18

That's not a bad idea either. A person can do a screen cast of navigating through a site and embed the video in Mahara. I need to learn how to post a text box for artefacts/viewing. I assume it must be easy. So far I've just added  blog and resume information.


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13 February 2011, 23:36

Hi Doug,

Adding a text box is very easy and not much different from adding a blog or resumé information to a view. Just go to the tab "General" when you are inthe edit mode of a view. There you see the text box block which you can drag down into your content area and you get the pop-up with a text box to fill with content. Smile



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