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Suggestion: Adding menu on individual profile

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05 February 2011, 3:58 PM

The current profiel page seems very messy to me.

There is resume, wall, profile info, contact info etc etc.

For the new version, I'd like to suggest a function to add that each individual can create own top navigation to organize the content better.

The current navigation does not look good. Why not can we have a horizontal navigation and even a dropdown?

For example a student can add a link to Economics portfolio page, Art portfolio page etc.

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07 February 2011, 1:02 AM

Hello Shin,

You can change the profile page and it does not have to include the items you list. As I wrote in my other post, don't use the profile page as your portfolio. You can create as many portfolio views as you wish.

If you are using Mahara 1.3, you can then group these views and get the navigation you are talking about - I think (if I understand your post correctly).

So, if you have created the views

  • Resumé
  • Course work
  • Internship
  • Intern log

... you can create the collection "Economics" and add all the above pages to that collection and activate the horizontal navigation bar. When you click on any of these pages, you will see the navigation bar and can jump from one portfolio page to the other.

--> Don't use the portfolio as your sole portfolio page. Use your profile just as that: To provide some information about yourself. Everything else should be collected in views.



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