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01 December 2010, 16:03


Wondering if anyone has had to complete the following with Mahara. If so, what was your solution? 

We have several stock views that we would like all users to have readily available. Currently, the student has to copy these views individually... Is there a way/query against the DB I can run that would give each student a copy of the view we wish as a starting point? 




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06 December 2010, 17:00

Hi Brent,

You can create these views as institution views. When give access to them, allow copying and you will see that you can make them accessible to new members of the institution. Unfortunately, that does not work for existing institution members.

Maybe you can figure out a way of going into the DB and giving access to it to the existing students from there. Or maybe it works that you put them all into a new institution which has these views (again, that would have to be done in the DB itself as there is no bulk adding users to a different institution) and they have these views in their portfolio.



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