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Export files and folders to server

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15 November 2010, 5:26

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add functionality that will allow people to send files and folders to a server, for example an institutional repository. I am putting this functionality in the filebrowser. My problem is that I am not sure how to get a file from an artefact. Can anyone help me out?


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15 November 2010, 9:20

Hi Mark,

Calling $artefact->get_path() on an ArtefactTypeFile instance or one of the subclasses will return a full path including the config value 'dataroot'.  

I hope this helps,


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Posts: 8

16 November 2010, 5:35

Thats great Stacey - Thanks!

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20 November 2010, 23:27

Hi Mark,

Are you at the same time also adding functionality for the other way around, i.e. using files from a repository in Mahara? There's been a discussion at



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