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New Template - Xava

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16 October 2010, 11:42

Hey all,

I've recently started using mahara, i love the flexibilty of the system so i thought i would design a new theme for it as there doesn't seem to be many here in the forums,

I've just got a quick question why arn't more plugins being developed?

Heres a few screenshots of what i've done so far, yes its a little dark but thats the nature of the site it's for. I think its pretty eyecandy myself!


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16 October 2010, 15:14

Hi James,

Your theme looks great. It would be cool to add it to the existing themes. I think somebody (unfortunately can't remember if it was Inaki or Gregor) has already started working on skinning Mahara to have even more design possibilities.

If you have ideas for plugins that you would like to see in Mahara: Go ahead and give it a try.



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17 October 2010, 8:08

Hi Kristina,

Thanks for your reply. well if you can let me know how ill release it along with some others, do you guys use IRC as it would be a very good way for people to get support, discuss etc i run a IRC network so let me know and we will setup a channel for mahara.

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17 October 2010, 20:23


Currently we just have the themes group here on

There are a few themes in the files area of that group, but I think they're all for older versions of Mahara (1.1.x).  It would be great to have some more for 1.3.

Most of us are around in #mahara on

15 December 2010, 20:07

Hai James, where can I download this xava theme from?


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